A library for parsing and exporting GPX files with no dependencies besides Foundation.


  • [x] Parsing GPX files into a track struct
  • [x] Exporting a track to a GPX xml
  • [x] Support for iOS, macOS & watchOS
  • [x] Optionally removes date and time from exported GPX for keeping privacy
  • [x] Combine support
  • [x] Height Map, geo-bounds, distance, and elevation information for an imported track
  • [x] Waypoint support
  • [x] Test coverage
  • [x] Climb detection
  • [x] Grade segmentation
  • [x] Support for Garmin trackpoint extensions
  • [x] Support for multiple track segements


To use the GPXKit library in a SwiftPM project, add the following line to the dependencies in your Package.swift file:

.package(url: "", from: "2.2.3")

Usage examples

Importing a track

import GPXKit

let parser = GPXFileParser(xmlString: xml)
    switch parser.parse() {
    case .success(let track):
    case .failure(let error):
        parseError = error
func doSomethingWith(_ track: GPXTrack) {
    let formatter = MeasurementFormatter()
    formatter.unitStyle = .short
    formatter.unitOptions = .naturalScale
    formatter.numberFormatter.maximumFractionDigits = 1
    let trackGraph = track.graph
    print("Track length: \(formatter.string(from: Measurement<UnitLength>(value: trackGraph.distance, unit: .meters)))")
    print("Track elevation: \(formatter.string(from: Measurement<UnitLength>(value: trackGraph.elevationGain, unit: .meters)))")

    for point in track.trackPoints {
        print("Lat: \(point.coordinate.latitude), lon: \(point.coordinate.longitude)")

Exporting a track

import GPXKit
let track: GPXTrack = ...
let exporter = GPXExporter(track: track, shouldExportDate: false)

Combine integration

import Combine
import GPXKit

let url = /// url with gpx
GPXFileParser.load(from: url)
   .map { track in
      // do something with parsed track 

See tests for more usage examples.

Climb detection

To detect climbs in a track, use the TrackGraphs climb(epsilon:minimumGrade:maxJoinDistance:) method which returns an array of Climb values for given filter parameters.

let track: GPXTrack = ...
let climbs = track.graph.climbs(epsilon: 4.0, minimumGrade: 3.0, maxJoinDistance: 0.0)
// climbs is an array of `Climb` values, describing each climb (start, end, elevation, grade, FIETS score and so on...).


Project documentation is available at GitHub Pages

Run the following commands from the projects root to generate the documentation:

[sudo] gem install jazzy

Browse the documentation under the doc folder.


Contributions to this project will be more than welcomed. Feel free to add a pull request or open an issue. If you require a feature that has yet to be available, do open an issue, describing why and what the feature could bring and how it would help you!